Meet Our Crew

Without our amazing crew, Northern Pioneer Helicopters wouldn’t be the friendly and professional service that many have come to know. This is our family here at NPH, and we hope to add you to our list of friends!

Northern Pioneer Helicopter Crew Jim Acher 400×400

Jim Acher

The owner of Northern Pioneer Helicopter LLC, Jim has been flying helicopters in the state of Alaska for over 30 years and is FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Certified. Jim ensures NPH provides the most efficient, cost effective and practical transportation and mobilization solutions for Alaskan residents, businesses, and government entities.

Northern Pioneer Helicopter Crew Matt Biloff 400×400

Matt Biloff

Matt has been with Northern Pioneer Helicopter since 1998. Matt currently holds the position of Director of Maintenance at Northern Pioneer Helicopter.

Northern Pioneer Helicopter Crew Valerie Tisch 900×675

Valery Tisch

Valery is a born and raised Alaska girl, having graduated from Service High School in Anchorage. Valery and her family currently live in Palmer. She has worked for Northern Pioneer Helicopter since 2007, and currently holds the position of Office Manager.