Alaska Helicopter Charter

Northern Pioneer Helicopters is a premier Alaska helicopter charter service specializing in and external load and passenger hauling. We provide statewide service including remote locations throughout Alaska. As a certified FAR Part 135 Air Carrier, NPH is available for a wide range of helicopter services including aircraft salvage, heavy cargo hauling, fire fighting, and personnel and equipment transportation. Choose the Alaska helicopter charter & service service company you can trust!

Statewide Alaska Helicopter Charter & Transportation Service

Alaska Aircraft Recovery Helicopter Service


We have rescued and recovered stranded and wrecked aircraft all over Alaska. Emergency airplane recovery service is available. Our helicopters are capable of lifting aircraft up to 4000 pounds.

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Heavy Load Helicopter Service Alaska


Your choice for external load hauling up to 4,000 pounds anywhere in the State of Alaska. Whether you’re in town, or in the bush, contact us to find out how we can solve your logistics issue.

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Our professional crew and capable helicopters are available for fire fighting services anywhere in the state Alaska. We have decades of experience in fire fighting logistics and coordination.

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We provide transportation and mobilization solutions for Alaskan residents and businesses. NPH is a FAR Part 135 Air Carrier utilizing the Eurocopter AS350B3 for passenger and external load operations.

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Statewide helicopter service specializing in aircraft recovery, heavy cargo hauling, fire fighting, and crew transportation.


The Experienced Alaska Helicopter Service & Charter Operators

The size, scope, and varied conditions of flying helicopters in Alaska presents many challenges. It takes an experienced crew of Alaska helicopter charter pilots, mechanics, and support staff to fulfill the high demand expectations of the customers who depend on us to move cargo, people, and supplies to some of the most remote places on earth. That is exactly what Northern Pioneer Helicopters is all about, we hope you will choose us as your Alaska helicopter charter service.

Alaska Helicopter Charter Service

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