Northern Pioneer Helicopter
Northern Pioneer Helicopter

Northern Pioneer Helicopter

Northern Pioneer Helicopter
NPH provides practical transportation and mobilization solutions for Alaskan residents and businesses. NPH has recently added a FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate utilizing the Hughes 500E for passenger and external load operations.

We enjoy an excellent performance record with numerous government agencies in Alaska, including the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, State of Alaska, and the U.S. Coast Guard. We also work with several exploration firms and remote area construction companies year-round.

NPH is a member of the Alaska Air Carriers Association and the Helicopter Association International. We have received safety awards from each organization for each of our fifteen years in business.

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NPH helicopters
NPH pilots are highly experienced with a minimum of 10,000 hours flight time, specializing in external load work with precision placement. We use a minimum of 100' long lines to ensure safety, and to place loads in areas with various degress of accessibility. We offer a wide variety of rigging, cargo nets, and remote fueling equipment to securely transport a diverse range of items.
Northern Pioneer Helicopters

  NPH helicopters include:

  (1) Hughes 500E with a 1000 lb lift capacity or 3 passengers and gear . This helicopter is perfectly suited for mineral exploration , surveying, and mountaintop repeater operations.

 (2) Bell Super UH-1B's with 3200 lb. lift capacity.  The UH1B is considered a medium lift helicopter and carries up to 3.5 hours fuel on board.

  (1) Bell Super UH1H with a 4000 lb. lift capacity.  This machine utilizes the Honeywell 703 engine
  (1800 hp) fast fin and tail boom strakes for hot and high operations.

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